Senior User Researcher

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time

About Scripbox


Scripbox is a radical new approach to personal investing. Combining the principles of portfolio theory and behavioural finance, Scripbox offers pre-selected mutual funds and an easy one-stop method of investing in them.

Scripbox simplifies investing by eliminating the confusion created by too much jargon and too much choice. We do this by combining cutting edge technology, data-driven algorithms, awesome UX and friendly customer support.

Scripbox is the 2nd 'Most Influential financial brand' on Linkedin globally and is India's most trusted online investment service. We have customers in 1000+ cities/towns in India.

The ‘Design and Customer Experience Team’ is in the process of building a high-performance, delight-oriented team of designers and researchers to take our customer experience to the next level. If you care deeply about improving the financial lives of people, by removing the barriers and frictions to entry, by designing digital products to go beyond basic transactional experiences and by forming long term service relationships, then join us in this pioneering effort.

This position is located in Bangalore, India.


  • Conduct research - Creatively apply appropriate research methods to conduct generative and evaluative research. This requires experience and comfort with quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Own the practice - For the current maturity level, it means starting a formal practice, setting up processes with the help and support of the leadership team. Understanding how and where it fits with the pace of the company and the customers and developing the processes and frameworks accordingly. We expect to follow a system of continuous research and gathering of insights.
  • Own the user journey - Map the tangible and intangible aspects of the user’s journey, inform it with research insights on a continuous basis. Make it a rich tool for other teams to make considerate decisions.
  • Create empathy - Expose the emotions that drive the data that everyone looks at. Derive deep emotional insights and communicate the findings of research in a way that other teams can consume it easily (nuggets v/s reports). Involve others from various functions to participate, witness and inform research activities. Bring the stories of customers, their motivations, struggles to the company floor.
  • Be results driven - Once research and recommendations are reported, collaborating with the product team to detail them out, seeing them through implementation and measuring the impact.


  • 4+ years of relevant experience as a user researcher
  • Masters or Bachelors degree in psychology, design strategy or a related stream
  • A rich portfolio and references demonstrating the following skills:

Research Skills 

  • Research methods - you are well versed with traditional methods and are also able to adapt them to suit a given audience and opportunity.
  • Presentation - able to effectively communicate, present and share the findings, insights and stories from research to achieve the desired outcomes from various stakeholders.
  • Facilitation - the ability to direct a conversation with one participant or a room full of stakeholders while keeping outcomes and time in mind. Being on top of the agenda, capturing insights and ensuring processes are followed.
  • Statistics - working with numbers to measure and report user behaviour, creating a hypothesis and validating them. Able to work with growth targets, analysing and mapping usage data.
  • Behavioural understanding - ability to read the signals from voice, tone, body language, and interpret them with respect to behavioural and cognitive theories to arrive at insights. In our context, researching behavioural economics, financial decision making and applying those theories to user research to recommend design and product improvements.
  • Execution - Create and execute research plans based on the goals of the business, explorations, hypothesis, user needs arising from other research, etc. Being able to do so within time and budget comprehensively and delivering actionable behavioural insights.
  • Operations - screening, recruiting, facilitating, reporting and taking care of logistics related to the execution.

Soft Skills 

  • Teamwork - an effective collaborator with the ability to strike a balance between showing initiative and seeking appropriate guidance and input from others.
  • Communication – For internal and customer communication, clear, fluent and accurate written and spoken English communication is a key requirement. Communicating research insights in a succinct and impactful way using audience and message appropriate mediums is also expected. Conversely, listening to customers, research subjects, domain experts, gathering not only their direct but also indirect communication, body language and subtle cues to get more insights.
  • Collaboration – pairing up with designers, developers, product managers and others to ensure they have what they need from you. Being constantly connected with development cycles, customer problems and platform developments to proactively generate hypothesis and work with other teams to find the right data or resources to dig further.
  • Selling – As much as generating insights and recommendations is key, so is being able to present them in a defensible way, showing the audience a perspective they did not consider and eventually being effective in moving recommendations forward. Using the right presentation methods and backing up claims and insights with undeniable evidence is considered a vital skill.
  • Self-organisation – Working on multiple products which are at different points in their production cycle requires efficient time-management and tracking of delivery expectations both within the team and accountability towards other teams. You must have a working system in place which allows you to be on top of your work and deliverables. It could range from post-its all over your monitor to GTD/Pomodoro – whatever works for you.

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